Diary of a bedwetting mom

I'm a normal, happy, well-educated 30-something professional with a great job, a great husband and great kids.

I wet the bed.

Dec 4

Dec 3


I travel a lot. I go out of the country about once a month.

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Nov 7


All my siblings were chronic bedwetters until at least age 10. Most of them were still wetting the bed as teenagers.

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Oct 24

High School: Coping

The first time I wet the bed as a teenager, Mom and I shrugged it off as a fluke.

After a second wet night, Mom gave me one of my younger brother’s disposables. It was purely practical, not punishment. “It’s more comfortable for you and less work for me.”

I didn’t fight it. I had already spent a couple of miserable nights. If it could keep me out of a pool of urine, I would wear it more or less gladly.

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Oct 2

Anonymous said: You say that bedwetting didn't keep you from dating. Did you tell your boyfriends? How?

I was sexually conservative. I didn’t jump into bed with guys, so I didn’t need to tell my boyfriends.

In addition to J, my husband, I had two boyfriends in college that were serious enough to tell.

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Sep 21

College: Doctors

I went to student health services when I started wetting the bed again in college.

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College: Coping

Even though I didn’t wet the bed regularly when I started college, I took some precautions.

I put a plastic cover over my dorm mattress. I would have put on the cover even if I didn’t wet the bed. My roommate took one look at her mattress and bought a cover, too. Clearly, I wasn’t the only college girl who wet the bed.

When I started wetting again in my third year, student health service was a godsend.

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Sep 20


I no longer wet the bed regularly when I started college.

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High School: Doctors

After I wet the bed the second time as a teenager, I went to see our family doctor.

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Sep 14

High School

When I was 14, I wet the bed. I hadn’t wet the bed since I was a toddler. I was scared and confused. Don’t worry, Mom said. It’s probably a fluke.

But it wasn’t. I wet, night after night.

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